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Safety and Aquatic Solutions was founded by Harry Escarge in 1995. The company rapidly grew into one of southern NJ's largest providers for the American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification course. Harry’s teaching style is derived from his performance while working on a New Jersey beach patrol. Due to market demand the company grew and he partnered with Brenda Ruth, a veteran guard, with strong ties to Southern New Jersey.

Safety and Aquatic Solutions guarantees assistance with job placement. Over the years the company has developed strategic relationships with various aquatic facilities and pool management firms to aide in the ease of finding a Lifeguard job.

What We Offer

Lifeguard Certification

Lifeguards aren't just there to blow whistles and ruin fun. They are leaders. They are life-savers. They are heroes.

Job Placement Assistance

Complete our program and we'll help get you a job, guaranteed!

Jr. Lifeguard Training Camp

An exciting program for children and teens ages 11-14 for future completion of a Lifeguard course

First Aid/CPR Training

American Red Cross First-Aid, CPR/AED certification courses


Northeastern United States


(877) 7-GUARD-6

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